The idea of what a kitchen needs to be has changed over the last few decades. Up until only a few decades ago, it was a room hidden away where the lady of the house (or, for a lucky few, perhaps a helper) would do all of the cooking

Customising the kitchen

Kitchens now look fancier than they ever did, and perhaps that is a natural progression, given their increased importance. Many kitchens have custom cabinetry with colour glazes, scroll work, or glass doors.

Appliances that once only belonged in the kitchens of the wealthy elite, and which were considered very upscale, have become increasingly commonplace. For example, take fridges with an automatic ice dispenser, or wine holders built into cabinets. Previously these used to be considered very fancy household items beyond the reach of most people; now plenty of homes have something similar.

Other noticeable trends in the kitchen are that pantries have become larger, and many people have now replaced their tired old counters with one made of granite. In short, it’s clear that many people now see the kitchen as a public area, one that needs attention and investment.

Even if you’re not planning on living in your home for much longer, and you’re looking to sell, having a beautiful kitchen can be a real bargaining chip.

The big three things that people tend to focus on when it comes to renovating are the cabinets, lighting, and hardware. Investing in good customised cabinets can particularly pay off, as it will give your kitchen more space for storage than you probably imagined. Give us a call if you want to upgrade your kitchen to meet modern trends – we can do everything from design to installation.